Silk Flowers

It is now possible to rent individually crafted funeral tributes from us. See below for details of our range of silk funeral flowers. Prices include delivery to either your home or your chosen Funeral Director (within South Yorkshire).

Each individual tribute will be made specifically for you, using good quality artificial flowers in the colour and style of your choice.

Once made, the tributes are then delivered to your chosen funeral director and to be used during the services. Any personalised cards will be incorporated into the appropriate arrangement.

After the service, the artificial tributes will be returned to the funeral home. As standard and included in the overall cost, we will provide a fresh flower arrangement which will be placed by your funeral director either in the garden of remembrance or on the grave, as appropriate. This will allow any cards that were part of the original tributes to be publicly displayed.

Coffin Spray

3ft minimum. £45


12 inch base. £25.


3ft. £30.

Solid Heart



£10 per letter

To order any of the floral tributes shown above please fill in our order form.