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Fresh or silk funeral flowers

Grave care

Caring for your loved one’s grave in South Yorkshire

Laidlaw Funeral Flowers

Providing beautiful floral arrangements

We offer an extensive range of fresh funeral flowers, which can be delivered either your home or your chosen Funeral Director (within South Yorkshire). For more details of the extensive range we offer, see our fresh flowers page.

We also now offer a range of individually crafted silk flower tributes for hire.

Many people now starting to consider renting funeral tributes. Some people are not happy to see beautiful flowers just being left to fade and die. Some feel that it’s wrong to import flowers from across the world with the associated carbon footprint.

Other people may want to use the money that can be saved to purchase something permanent to remember their loved one by, or give something to a favourite charity. Some may be just need to reduce the cost, from what can be a large unexpected expense, while still paying public tribute to their loved one in this traditional way.

Whatever your reason you can be assured that we will treat your tribute with the same care and discretion that we give to any fresh flower tribute.

For more details of all floral arrangements we can offer, see our fresh flowers page and silk flowers page.

Laidlaw Grave Care

Caring for your loved one’s grave in South Yorkshire

If circumstances prevent you from caring for a loved one’s final resting place, or you are in need of professional headstone cleaning services, then we are here to help.

There are many reasons why people are unable to care for the grave of a loved one, such as too great a distance to travel, ill health, lack of transport, thinking the plot is ‘too far gone’ or even a fear of graveyards.

This does not mean that you don’t care, and Laidlaw Grave Care can ensure that the grave marker, headstone or full grave of your loved one will be maintained with respect and professionalism.